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They say you eat with your eyes first, and this is true. And if you need culinary photography in St. Paul, partnering with Alex Carroll Photography means that you get to work with a professional food photographer that has seen—and photographed—it all. Family style in heaping portions. Gourmet and artfully plated. Desserts you feel guilty even looking at. He captures the colors, the textures, and even the smells. OK, maybe not really the smells, but you can imagine the smells. Alex Carroll Photography makes your food and beverages the front-and-center stars that they should be because food is more than a source of nourishment; food is an experience. And capturing that experience with a lens is the art of communicating a communal act. Contact Alex for food photography in St. Paul that makes mouths water.

When you choose a portrait photographer for your business, you want a professional that can show your team off at its best. A photographer that understands the best lighting concept for the group. A personable, enthusiastic photographer that can bring out your coworkers’ natural charisma and energy in a headshot. If you are looking for the top business portraits and headshots in the St. Paul area, you’ll want to call Alex Carroll Photography.

Alex has the skill and keen eye to take photos that communicate the personality of your talented team and fit with the tone of your business. He is eager to collaborate with your business to ensure you and your team love the look that he has cultivated. Whether you plan to stick your team photos in a monthly newsletter or website leadership page, you’ll want professional business photography for your St. Paul or Minneapolis organization that’ll make your team stand out. Trust Alex to do just that.


Photography has the power to capture the visceral feel and personality of your organization or business. What kind of story do you want to tell? Do you want to capture the excitement and adrenaline of your organization through jaw-dropping action shots? Or showcase your product in the best light for consumers with the perfect camera angle? A talented advertising photographer can help your brand reach new heights, and that’s what Alex Carroll does best.

Alex Carroll Photography does the commercial and advertising photography that Minneapolis and St. Paul businesses trust. When it comes to your business or organization, you deserve to partner with the leading commercial photographer in the Minneapolis area. One who can elevate your brand with a strategic visual campaign or stunning product advertisement for your latest publication. Take your brand to the next level with Alex Carroll Photography.


You want a skilled product photographer in the Minneapolis area that can take a consumer product and transform it into a work of art. If you are looking for an innovative photographer who can do just that, Alex Carroll is the man for the job.

Effective advertising draws you in. It captures the tone of your branding and highlights the artistry of your product. What camera angle will peak the interest of a consumer? Is there a lighting strategy that can place focus on your vivid color palette? Which backdrop or shadow concept will ensure your work is front and center of the photo? Alex Carroll Photography has extensive experience answering these questions and applying his artistic savvy on the job.

Strong product advertising photography for your St. Paul or Minneapolis area business is crucial. The visual side of advertising is often the most striking and compelling quality with consumers. You want your brand to be memorable. Alex strives to show your product in the best light — literally and figuratively. Trust Alex Carroll Photography to catch a stunning photo that puts your branding in the spotlight.

Virtual Tours

With virtual tour photography on the rise, businesses are beginning to understand the appeal and power of interactive photography. It acts as premium advertising and allows individuals to see a location in far more detail than they would with a still life photo. With the right photographer by your side, you can transform your gallery into an immersive, engaging experience. This is what Alex Carroll Photography does best.

Alex is the leading panoramic photographer in St. Paul because he is dedicated to high quality. He skillfully catches the precise details of a locale with remarkable definition and high resolution photography. Do you want virtual tour photography for a St. Paul college campus? Or maybe you want to showcase the dimensions and style of a real estate listing. Whatever industry you’re in, Alex can capture your locale or establishment with clarity and precision. You’ll feel like you’re really there.

There are many 360° virtual tour photographers to choose from, but Alex stands out because of his tireless work ethic and practiced skills. Reach out to Alex Carroll Photography today to get started.


You’re stuck with the same passport for 10 years, so you want to look good in your photo. Don’t leave it to chance and risk a bad hair day or poor lighting. With Alex Carroll by your side — the leading professional passport photographer in the Minneapolis area — you’re guaranteed to look sharp no matter what.

Many people get their picture taken at the local drug store, but the savvy globe trotter understands the benefits of working with a professional. Alex has extensive experience shooting portrait-style photographs. He understands the lighting concepts and color palettes that will highlight your natural features and let your personality shine through. With Alex Carroll Photography, florescent lighting is never in the picture.

If you’re looking for passport photography in Minneapolis or St. Paul, Alex Carroll Photography is your tried and trusted Twin Cities resource. Throw on your favorite shirt, swipe some Vaseline on your teeth, and head over to the studio. Let’s snap a passport photo that you’ll want to show off — wherever your adventures take you.

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