Corporate Events

You have it all planned — the location, the speakers, the caterer, and even the clever slogan. Your corporate event is ready to go off without a hitch, and you already can’t wait to relive the…Oh, no! You forgot the photographer! Enter Alex Carroll, the first and last name in corporate event photography in St. Paul. Capture all the light bulb clicking moments, powerful discourse, and sociable happy hours with stunning clarity. The moments preserved from your event will find meaningful homes on your website, press releases, internal communications, and limitless other possibilities. Immortalizing your corporate event requires the best, so you can’t settle for anything but the most professional and experienced corporate photographer. When you need an event photographer in St. Paul or the surrounding metro area, you need Alex Carroll Photography.


You’ve dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s. Your team has spent weeks planning the upcoming seasonal fundraiser — the perfect opportunity to connect with your trusted supporters. Make your event as impactful as possible with the leading professional fundraiser photographer in the St. Paul and greater Twin Cities area, Alex Carroll.

Photography, as a visual medium, can often say so much more than text. It’s naturally compelling — capturing the energy and emotion of fleeting moments in one clean shot. Alex Carroll Photography has the experience and know-how to curate a professional gallery of photos that will help you share your story with your supporters, the right way.

An energetic, personable photographer, Alex can make your supporters feel comfortable enough to catch an effortless candid shot and key professional photo ops for the organization.

Don’t allow the impact of your event to fade once your guests head home. Ensure your event is memorable with fundraiser photography in Minneapolis that will engage supporters and continue your momentum long after the event is ove


Choose a conference photographer in St. Paul that has the expertise and know-how to effectively capture the energy and enthusiasm of your business association. Choose Alex Carroll Photography.

Conferences are special events for your business community — an opportunity to celebrate the successes and evolution of your organization and grow strong comradery within your industry. You’ll want a photographer who can capture both the tenor of a powerful keynote address and the sincere, candid shots of conference goers. Instead of letting the memories of your successful industry collaboration dissolve with time, make your event meaningful long term with one of the best conference photographers in the Minneapolis area.

Whether you are after a photo keepsake for a future newsletter or a memorable album for your social media profile, Alex Carroll Photography will help you set the tone for your association and credit all the work that went into your event. Burgeoning friendships. Stirring moments at the podium. Hard work celebrated. Alex will catch it all.

Business Meetings

If you’re looking for a go-to partner for all your business’ photographic needs, you can trust Alex Carroll Photography to accurately document the goings-on of your organization within your established narrative. Alex will work with your business step-by-step to ensure his photography is meeting your standards and capturing the look and feel of your business.

With a specialty in business meeting photography, Alex has extensive experience and practice shooting everything from small group discussions amongst coworkers to large, high-powered corporate meetings. With an eye for key moments, Alex Carroll Photography aims for photos that tell a story. A firm handshake to commemorate an exciting business decision. Your employees passionately collaborating on a project. An intensive, yet goofy team brainstorm.
Alex is after thoughtfully-crafted company and business meeting photography for your St. Paul or Minneapolis area business to show you off at your best.

There are several business meeting photographers in St. Paul to choose from, but Alex stands out from the rest. With Alex Carroll Photography, every shot matters. The passion behind the lens is evident in your photos.

I would love to answer any business photography questions you may have.

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