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When you look for a restaurant food photographer in the Minneapolis area, you want a professional that can capture the ambiance of your space and make mouths water simultaneously. Alex Carroll Photography is prepared to do just that.


As the leading restaurant photographer in St. Paul, Alex has the skills to catch photos that show the full spectrum of your business — from the bustling kitchen to the tasteful dining areas. Driven to capture photos that fit with the style and energy of your establishment, Alex is eager to collaborate. Whether you want your restaurant to signify cutting-edge innovation or homey, classic fares, Alex will capture photos that align with your restaurant’s personality.


Professional restaurant photography is splendid advertising for your business and the hallmark of a strong website. By cultivating a photo gallery that highlights both the artistry of your cuisine and the talented individuals that staff your restaurant, we can convey all that you stand for to your customers. Every click of the camera is an opportunity to capture the essence of your restaurant: the nuanced flavors, friendly servers, and thoughtful interior design. Ready to get started? Connect with Alex Carroll Photography today.

Alex is among an elite group of the most talented, creative and productive photographers we have hired...

At the National Sports Center we have worked with many talented photographers over the years. Alex is among an elite group of the most talented, creative and productive photographers we have hired. We continue to use him for our most important projects, and we refer him to other clients when we can

- Barclay Kruse, CCO at National Sports Center

The results were phenomenal!

I had the pleasure of working with Alex on a fashion portfolio shoot for a client. The results were phenomenal! Alex took the time to listen to my needs, and built off them to create images that exceed my expectations. Alex does a great job of bringing the best out in his subjects. I am looking forward to working with him in the future!

- Erin Mariarty, Digital Communications Specialist at Minnesota Judicial Branch

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