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You want a skilled product photographer in the Minneapolis area that can take a consumer product and transform it into a work of art.  If you are looking for an innovative photographer who can do just that, Alex Carroll is the man for the job.


Effective advertising draws you in. It captures the tone of your branding and highlights the artistry of your product. What camera angle will peak the interest of a consumer? Is there a lighting strategy that can place focus on your vivid color palette? Which backdrop or shadow concept will ensure your work is front and center of the photo? Alex Carroll Photography has extensive experience answering these questions and applying his artistic savvy on the job.


Strong product advertising photography for your St. Paul or Minneapolis area business is crucial. The visual side of advertising is often the most striking and compelling quality with consumers. You want your brand to be memorable. Alex strives to show your product in the best light — literally and figuratively. Trust Alex Carroll Photography to catch a stunning photo that puts your branding in the spotlight.

Alex is among an elite group of the most talented, creative and productive photographers we have hired...

At the National Sports Center we have worked with many talented photographers over the years. Alex is among an elite group of the most talented, creative and productive photographers we have hired. We continue to use him for our most important projects, and we refer him to other clients when we can

- Barclay Kruse, CCO at National Sports Center

The results were phenomenal!

I had the pleasure of working with Alex on a fashion portfolio shoot for a client. The results were phenomenal! Alex took the time to listen to my needs, and built off them to create images that exceed my expectations. Alex does a great job of bringing the best out in his subjects. I am looking forward to working with him in the future!

- Erin Mariarty, Digital Communications Specialist at Minnesota Judicial Branch

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